The story about W Hunt started the winter 2014. We wanted to add modern, affordable and beautiful hunting clothes to the growing hunting industry. When you open your hunting wardrobe you should find more than green and green to choose between. We want to add color and style. 

We keep the feeling of quality, country and classic hunting. But we combine that with details, pattern and colors to make it more modern.

What does the W stand for?

W stand for Weidmann which mean hunter in German. When congratulating a hunter in countries with German hunting culture you say Weidmanns heil.

Tweed jackets

The summer 2015 we launched our first product – a classic tweed jacket useable both for hunting and leisure. We choose to make three versions – men, women and a vest. The tweed jacket is a slimmer model and fits good from early autumn. The lining is emerald green for the men’s jacket and vest and the women’s jacket has a lining in fuchsia.


To find out your size, please view the Size table

W-Hunt Women Tweed Front W-Hunt Tweed Vest Front W-Hunt Mens Tweed Front


W Hunt is sold in Sweden via the modern and upcoming hunting online store Huntway. In France the jackets are sold in the very fashionable hunting store Cinematir in Paris.

Are you interested in becoming a reseller?

Please send and e-mail to and present your store.

Cintematir hunting store in Paris. Reseller of W Hunt.